Homework with a kid from the neighborhood

by beagooddad on October 23, 2009

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Reading with kids

Yesterday was the day that BAGM is responsible for our half of the babysitting co-op with our friends in the neighborhood. BAGM and the other mom always have the kids do homework right after school before they start playing/watching TV. Due to a mini-emergency with the girl, I ended up helping Geetle and the 2nd grade boy with the second half of their homework. Part of his homework was reading and/or being read to for 15 minutes.

His parents have a little trouble getting him interested in reading. I think his reading skills are fine but I think his confidence in his reading skills is still a work in progress. The first book I picked out was vetoed as being a chapter book and “I don’t read those books.”

He tried to sneak out of it by suggesting that he read something to Geetle off in another room.

Sorry bub.

I convinced him to join me on the couch and grabbed our copy of Frog and Toad Are Friends before he had a chance to really think about it. He really seemed to be hoping for a meteor to crash through our front window to get him out of reading with me.

To help us get on the same team, I told him that he could read a page and then I would read a page and if the book happened to be too hard, I would read the rest of the time. We would be a team. I asked him what our team should be called. He said, “I don’t know.” So we became the “I don’t knows” with a quick high five and were off and reading.

I read the first page and then he read his with no trouble. As we alternated back and forth, I used some funny voices and asked some “Do you yelling at the flowers will help them grow?” He seemed to warm up to the story and even laughed at a couple of my goofier questions and funnier voices.

15 minutes later, we had made it through two of the stories in the book. We did another I Don’t Know high five. I asked him who the greatest readers ever were. He said, “Who?” I said “I don’t know!” and we high fived again. Then he rushed off to get away from the crazy guy and get his play time in before his mom came to pick him up.

photo credit: Cayusa

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