Giggles is 2 years old

by beagooddad on October 26, 2009

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Giggles turned two on Saturday. We had a medium handful of people over for the party. BAGM already wrote a post about the birthday party complete with pictures.

Giggles had her two year checkup with the doctor today. She’s developing just fine. She has a little cold but nothing to worry about at this point. She got her normal seasonal flu shot booster and some other booster type of shot. We heard that our doctors office still doesn’t know if they are going to be getting the H1N1 shot but to call them every week because they should have at least one week notice before they actually get their hands on it…unless of course they never get any.

Pretty normal stuff.

We had been looking forward from switching Giggles from whole milk to the 1% the rest of us drink. It will make our refrigerator very happy. So, our only real surprise from the visit is when the doctor told us that we should keep her on the whole milk for another year.


I sort of thought that whole milk until 2 and then lowfat afterward was kind of a universal thing. I guess like most medical things, you really are supposed to talk with your doctor.

photo credit: law_keven

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