Teaching manners to young kids

by beagooddad on November 20, 2006

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I have a new thing that drives me crazy and, unfortunately, it is something I do myself.

How often have you had this conversation after doing something nice.

Other person: Thank you.
You: No problem.

Where did this stupid exchange come from. Do we really mean to say that we only did the nice thing because it happened to not inconvenience us? We’re talking about holding doors open and picking up dropped items for a parent holding a kid.

I literally feel that I should apologize immediately upon saying it.

Can’t we go back to this old fashioned conversation?

Other person: Thank you.
You: You’re welcome. Some weather we’re having today, isn’t it?

Are we able to be nice just because it is a nice thing to do? Can I hold a door open because it creates good karma and not because I didn’t have anything better to do?

I need to start working on myself before my kids pick up this annoying phrase, too. Lisa over at Parenting Toddlers got me thinking about this today with her post about how to handle compliments.

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