BeAGoodMom can quiet a screamy baby

by beagooddad on October 28, 2009

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Whoever took my happy baby home from her birthday party and left the screamy thing in her place, could you please bring my baby back?

I put her to bed way early last night figuring that she must be tired and that’s on a night I was planning on letting her stay up a little late to watch The Great Pumpkin with the big kids.

She woke up with more complaints this morning. Some of it is being a little under the weather but at least half of it is just bad mojo.

I was watching her this morning while BAGM got showered and dressed. The Giggles Impostor was not happy.

My laptop was nearby. I fired it up and Giggles squirmed next to me to see what was happening.

I went to Be A Good Mom and we started looking through the pictures. Then we watched the slideshow in the upper right corner. It kept her quiet for several minutes until it was time to get the big kids onto their buses.

Feel free to use BAGM’s site whenever your kids are inconsolable. If that doesn’t work, you can always try busting out your photo albums. Those seem to work well, too.

photo credit: ThouArt

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