Successful Trip to the Dentist

by beagooddad on November 24, 2009

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Yesterday, I had yet another boring trip to the dentist which really is the best kind of trip you can have.

X-ray the teeth, clean the teeth, report no cavities, floss the teeth, try to upsell the fluoride and the oral cancer screening and then send me on my way.

Our dentist has started doing something interesting. They will fit you for a teeth whitening tray (like a sports mouth guard) for free and give you free cleaning stuff every 6 months if you keep coming back for your 6 month checkups. I decided what the heck.

Getting fitted involves sticking this mouthpiece shaped thing full of some kind of plaster of paris/wet cement mix into your mouth for a couple minutes while you drool out the side of your mouth. Then they repeat for the bottom teeth and they don’t bother to mention how long you need to keep it in your mouth. Yuck, gross and awkward…but free!

I had a Barnes & Noble fudge cupcake and Wendy’s Baconator combo meal to celebrate another incident free trip to the dentist.

photo credit: Conor Lawless

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