The Coffee Walk and the Dirty Smelly Boy Chipmunks

by beagooddad on December 2, 2009

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After work last night, I decided to drag the kids around the neighborhood for a walk. We have been so busy recently, we haven’t really being walking much. While bundling the kids up, I remembered that I had no coffee left in the house which is an entirely unacceptable situation so I announced, “We’re walking to Meijer to buy coffee.”

The kids love wandering through Meijer especially when I’m nice enough to let them walk through the toy section. Less than a block into the walk, though, Pookie said, “Can we go to Caribou to get the coffee?”

Caribou adds about 10 minutes to the total walk but that 10 minutes is probably saved when you take away the wandering in Meijer. But I figured they would really want to look at the toys so I was getting ready to decline when Giggles started chanting “Caribou, Caribou, Caribou.”

So, we walked to Caribou with me singing several Christmas songs and Pookie complaining that I should “Stop for a second. He’s just a little baby and he don’t understand” which is what he tells us when he wants us to shut up. He was smiling the whole time, though. He secretly likes my singing voice.

At Caribou, Giggles started demanding “Milky, milky, milky.” I was getting ready to say no because it was just barely cold enough that gloves (and Giggles was wearing mittens) were a decent idea but then decided what the heck. So one bag of freshly ground coffee, 1 medium coffee-black, 3 white milks with lids and straws, and 1 potty break by Geetle while I was taking care of this transaction at the register, and we were back on our way home.

The Christmas tunes started up again and Geetle started talking about the Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel movie that we are planning on seeing on Christmas day. She saw a book about the movie somewhere and is pretty sure the boys are going to win the talent show contest at the school because “boys are the best.” I’m beginning to wonder if she realizes that she is in fact actually a girl.

I wholeheartedly disagreed that the “dirty, smelly, boy chipmunks are going to win” and thought the “fresh, clean, better dancing, girl chipmunks will win.” Geetle asked Pookie what he thought. He agreed that the boys will win. Giggles tied us back up by saying that the girls would win. The rest of the trip home was spent with Geetle trying to find worse things to call the girl chipmunks than “dirty, smelly” and trying to get a revote.

At home, we called BAGM who was doing her Tuesday-late-in-the-office thing. She agreed with me and Giggles when I asked if the dirty, smelly, boy chipmunks or the fresh, clean, better dancing, girl chipmunks were going to win. The tie was broken.

And that is how the kids and I passed the time between when I got off of work and dinner time last night. What did you do?

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