The Morning

by beagooddad on December 30, 2009

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I’m watching the two kids from our mutual babysitting buddies today. Beforehand, Pookie was dragging me around asking me to play things with him. Then Giggles was dragging me around asking me to play things with her. The Geetle was walking around with her Snuggie and a winter hat and turning me into a frog. Then Giggles wanted to play Play-Doh.

Then I lost track of time.

The two kids showed up right when we had Play-Doh all over the floor. Few things are more terrifying then realizing that your calm one kid Play-Doh session is about to turn into a 4 or 5 kid frenzy.

Fortunately, the bigger kids got bored quickly and wandered off somewhere else.

Then Giggles started showing off her new counting skills. “One-two-three-nine-four.” Also, you remember those Play-Doh tools that are like a garlic press and you use them to make long strings of spaghetti or hair or whatnot. Giggles is terrified of that. “Don’t squish it! Don’t squish it!” I’ve heard of being afraid of clowns, monsters under the bed, and Santa, but the Play-Doh squisher tool is a new one for me.

Then the seven year old kid walked over. His crotch area was wet but apparently it was an unfortunate water spill and not wet pants. If it had been wet pants, I would have had to go all Billy Madison and splash water on my own crotch and say that all the cool kids were doing it these days.

Then I had to make balloons for Pookie. Construction paper circles with yarn taped to them. He flies them around and acts out one of the Little Einstein Adventures from a book he has.

Then Giggles and the neighbor girl needed balloons. So, 15 balloons later they were done with me.

Fortunately, Geetle and the older boy are busy racing cars on the Wii.

Then it was time to make lunch.

While it is cooking, the kids wanted more stuff to do. So, I’m pretending to be working on my computer.

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