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by beagooddad on January 19, 2010

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I was asked about my school progress in a comment recently and since my relatives always make fun of me for never writing posts anymore, I figure it would be a great 2 birds, 1 stone type of dealie.

This winter session, I took Calc 3 and got an A. It is also the first class I’ve taken since leaving the military that was not eligible for the GI Bill. That expired on the last day of my summer classes. Due to some paperwork problems, I’m still waiting for that check. Any month now….

This spring session, I am signed up for MAT 415 – Advanced Calculus and MAT 421 – Statistical Methods. I also have a zero credit hour entrance exam that I need to take sometime this semester. All of these classes are my first official classes toward the degree. Any math classes prior are prereqs for this program. In further fact, I need to pass that entrance exam before I am really officially part of the degree program.

Keg parties. No time. No time. I just got dropped onto an out of control work project that was handled badly enough to get one person fired and another released during a round of layoffs. Now I get to step in and clean it up over the next few weeks + the homework for the two classes + the whole family life = no keg parties in the foreseeable future.

Web Consulting Work
I recently helped get a Blogger site that was shut down by Google up and running on its own domain and did most of the overall design (minus adding all the advertising type of things in the sidebars).

I’m also helping someone else transfer the ownership of a domain to the person they sold it to and helping that same person change the layout of another of her blogs.

Last fallish, I helped create Burning the Souffle, too.

I really would like to do more of this type of thing this year. So if you need a tweak to a template or a complete new design or any other website related work and have a little bit of a budget, let me know.

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