Nixie The Fascinating Cat

by beagooddad on February 15, 2010

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Pookie has officially bonded with Nixie.

The kids spent the night with my parents on Saturday. Before leaving, Pookie walked over to Nixie who was sitting on the stairs. He got his face really close and was petting her. Then he asked if Nixie could sleep at Mamaw’s house. I promised that I would take care of her while he was gone.

They came home on Sunday night right at bedtime. He made sure that we would put Nixie in his bed. A couple cat treats and a closed door is all that is needed to get them off to sleep. She was asleep on his pillow when we opened the door a couple hours later.

This morning he was grinning one of the biggest smiles I’ve seen in a long time as he followed her around the house and asked us to put her on the couch with him. I worked on showing him how to play with the cats using a toy that’s a ball on the end of a string attached to a pole.

She escaped out to the garage for a second while BAGM was getting the kids ready to go to the library and he asked if he could go see Nixie in the garage.

In addition to the general cuteness of how fascinated he is with her and how much he seeks her out during the day, I’m even more shocked at how much he talks about her and asks us to help him do things with her.

We briefly looked into professional therapy/companion dogs about a year or two ago but I think we might have just lucked onto a nice cheap cuddly therapy cat.

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