Reading books together in the modern family

by beagooddad on February 15, 2010

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Geetle and I are reading The Wind in the Willows together. Before bed, I read a few pages to her out of the paperback copy that we have.

I just remembered that I have a copy of it on my iPod Touch and the kids love when we read books on the iPod. I mentioned that we could switch to the eBook version if she wanted.

She was excited but then she came up with an even better idea. I will be reading the book on my iPod and she will be following along in the paperback.

I think.

I just realized that she said that one of us could read the iPod version and the other could read the paperback. I bet I’m supposed to read the paperback and she’s supposed to read the iPod. Hmm. She’s a sneaky one.

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