Broccoli Walk

by beagooddad on March 30, 2010

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So tonight, I bundled up the kids (lightly – thanks Spring) and headed out for an after dinner healthy walk. No scooters allowed.

Geetle asked where we were going and I eventually told her we were going to the nearby Meijer. It’s about a mile and a half there and back. She asked why we were going there. I dodged the question several times before she broke me down. I explained that they had broccoli on sale. 10 pounds for $10. She groaned and gave up.

She has learned that when we are doing something that is a bit of a surprise that we are probably going to be getting some broccoli. That’s my default for “Stop bugging me. We’re about to do something fun. Something that’s a surprise.”

We made the trek to Meijer with lots of racing. Giggles won most of them but I think I would have beaten her if strollers were dragged instead of pushed. Geetle decided that instead of racing, we were a team. Pookie just ran because he likes to run. Steady. Until he makes himself fall and gets grass stains on his knees.

We walked into Meijer, went straight to the self check out line and everyone picked out a candy bar. Then we walked home eating our treats.

I know it is a decent walk when nobody tries to race me during the final few minutes. Geetle had a couple minutes of playing tag (the person tagged was turned into broccoli) but no real race left in her.

I also learned that Geetle is very good at tying her shoes. She’s just not very good at keeping them tied. I learned that Giggles can only eat half a candy bar between Meijer and home but is okay when you throw the rest away.

I learned nothing about Pookie but that’s okay. He had absolutely normal fun with the walk. Not every moment has to be ground breaking. There will be plenty more broccoli walks in our future.

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