That’s a pachyderm

by beagooddad on April 5, 2010

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Pookie has a phrase he likes to yell when he’s upset. It goes, “Stop, stop, stop. [mumble mumble] she’s just a little baby and she don’t understand.”

It means that he is really upset and makes me cringe whenever it starts up.

The whole thing comes from an Arthur CD that we’ve had forever. We just listened to it yesterday for the first time in ages. Pookie was re-mesmerized and has been running around singing a bunch of the songs for the last couple days.

Tonight before bed, Pookie was singing “Loxodonta, genus Loxodonta, Loxodonta, that’s a pachyderm.” And then cracking up. In the song, there is a funny, tuba type of note at the end of that bit so I started blowing a loud rasberry where the tuba should have been. Pookie started laughing louder and kept singing the line over and over while I kept ending with louder and louder noises.

Then Pookie started yelling “Stop, stop, stop. [mumble mumble] she’s just a little baby and she don’t understand.” But this time he was still cracking up which made it way more fun then when he normally says it. It just happens to be the next line in the song on the CD.

So from now on, I’m planning on starting the pachyderm part of the song whenever the “Stop, stop, stop” starts up and see if we can’t turn it into a happy phrase instead of a mad one.

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