Cheap fun with balloons

by beagooddad on August 10, 2006

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Beagoodmom brought home some helium balloons for the kids today. The old fashioned kind that will start drooping by tomorrow. The kids and I took some time before and after dinner to go a little crazy.

First, we ran the loop in our lower level carrying the balloons. This game is not for the faint of heart. 3 year olds running is scary enough, but with balloons it gets even a little more crazy.

I put a halt on that game and started some balloon races. I held them both to the ground and let them drift to the ceiling to see which would make it first. I owe them both a couple bucks for poor wagers on my part. (That’s a joke. I’m not a gambler and haven’t even thought about teaching statistics to the kids yet).

The string on the balloon happened to be exactly too short for them to reach from the ground. If your balloons are not at this perfect balance, find some scissors and make the necessary adjustments.  It is a good opportunity to practice asking for something.
After several balloon races they wanted to hold their balloon again. I pulled them down low and let go of the string. The kids tried to catch the balloon before they hit the ceiling. This game was by far the most popular. Even once they started figuring out how to catch the balloon by the string consistantly, they pretended that they were having trouble so they could watch their balloon bump into the ceiling.

Balloons are priced somewhere between free and cheap. When you stumble upon some, take advantage of the chance to play a game you won’t play with your kids everyday. If you get the choice, try to pick a separate color for each kid. They will fight over them less if they can easily tell which balloon is theirs.
Do any of you know any other fun games to play with helium balloons? Sucking the helium and talking funny does not qualify since I’m sure that 3 years olds don’t need to be freezing their vocal chords.

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