Soccer Camp

by beagooddad on May 28, 2010

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Late last night, I signed Geetle up for soccer camp. It will be for one week in July and last from 9am until 3pm. That’s some hardcore futbol.

She is very excited for reasons that I do not understand. I know she is excited because she randomly gave me a hug this morning about 30 minutes after telling her about it.

I don’t really peg her as someone interested in sports. Playing sports games in the yard, yes. But actually practicing and participating on a team and all that I just don’t see. She hates not being the best at something and she hates practicing because that just reminds her that she doesn’t know how to do it. When she is around most other kids her age (besides a couple of close friends) she can barely grunt a hello before finding a butterfly to chase somewhere else.

But because of all of that, this camp should be great for her. The afternoon session will be spent playing team games and the mornings will be spent practicing skills. And then there will be pizza for lunch.

Who knows. Maybe she is an star just waiting for an opportunity. I have noticed that she seems to be playing basketball on the playground at school more often. Based on her current height, I figure that if she does get into organized sports that basketball and/or volleyball will be her strong points. I’m rooting for volleyball because I know nothing about that sport and would have no trouble not pressuring her too much.

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