Now what? – Snow Day Continues

by beagoodmom on December 5, 2006

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After breakfast I took the kids upstairs for a bubble bath. We usually give them a bath at night. And even though we try to let them have time to have fun in the tub, usually one of them is so tired that we barely have time to put 4 inches of water in the tub and do a quick scrub and rinse before meltdown.

So, today they had a real bubble bath. 18 inches of water, lots of bubbles and every single floating toy we could find. They were in there at least 40 minutes. They loved it. Technically, I didn’t even “wash” them, other than their hair. I figured after that long, all the dirt soaked off.

They got 40 minutes of uninterrupted water playtime. By the time they were done, dry and dressed it was almost 10 am.

Mid morning. Already the snow day was speeding along.

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