Snow Day – Rescued by homemade colored sand

by beagoodmom on December 8, 2006

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Sand art craft project

After lunch, it finally happened. Geetle got a bit whiney. Before the snow, I had already planned a Friday play date with a neighborhood friend. He was supposed to come over at 1pm and Geetle was having a hard time waiting. Then his mom called and cancelled! It was a devastating blow.

But, if I know my kids (and I do) there is one thing that can turn that frown upside down…..colored sand art! I was saving this project for an emergency, and here it was. If you will remember, on Thursday I had made a point to buy rice, rubbing alcohol and food coloring. Now you will see why.

How to use rice to make colored “sand”

  • Pour plain old fashioned rice into a glass dish and cover with rubbing alcohol.
  • Stir in food coloring until the liquid reaches the right color.
  • Let soak for a while (anywhere from 2 hours to overnight depending on color desired).
  • Then drain off the alcohol and spread the rice on a flat dish to dry.
  • The remaining alcohol will evaporate and you are left with brightly colored rice.

I gave the kids empty jelly jars, dishes of red, green and plain white rice, and table spoons. They layered the colored rice in the jars, carefully pouring from the spoons. A paper plate underneath caught any spills.

Between them, they made 7 jars of colored rice, each quite different. I like this project because its good for hand-eye coordination as well as easy to clean up. Also, it’s much cheaper than those sand art kits at Wal-Mart and the rice is a better size and texture for younger kids.

We tied squares of Christmas wrapping paper around the top of each jar and set them on the window sills.

Sand art craft project

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