Down Time

by beagooddad on November 30, 2010

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One of my biggest concerns with Pookie’s class from the visit that I took the other day was the amount of down time. Kids with down time wander and get bored and find their own things to do, just flat out do nothing or get in trouble.

I wish the teaching staff would come watch Pookie during basketball class. One of the coaches has a 4th grade son who has adopted Pookie during class. He follows him around during the drills and constantly redirects Pookie back onto a basketball task. Sometime they go off and do something alone. Sometime he pushes he back into the main groups and helps him there.

Seriously. This kid is about 10 years old and he truly gets down time. Their down time is when they go off and do something alone. But their are still doing basketball stuff. Passing, dribbling, shooting. The kid is constantly engaging Pookie and chattering to him and smiling at him.

When they come back to the group, he directs Pookie to where he is supposed to stand and what he is supposed to do.

Until Pookie starts looking overwhelmed or bored or edgy. Then off they go for some more down time of passing, dribbling, shooting.

It’s amazing.

I’m not sure what kind of advice the coach might have given the son but during the practice he doesn’t say anything at all. The kid is just good.

If they had the same kind of down time in Pookie’s class, I would be all over down time.

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