Random thoughts about Pookie

by beagooddad on December 2, 2010

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I promise to talk about the other kids more in the near future. They are both doing some awesome things. But we have a huge meeting with the school on Monday and have been working through some issues with them for the last few weeks. It’s on my mind almost constantly right now.

Things Pookie did tonight:

  • Set up chairs in front of a window and tried to get Geetle to sit with him and pretend to be looking for the Cat in the Hat. She kind of snubbed him but mostly because BeAGoodMom and I were actually paying attention.
  • Played Go Fish with much less prompting then in the past.
  • Had a little success counting by 2s and zero problem counting by 10s.
  • Helped put away the dishes as I unloaded them from the dishwasher.
  • Got himself ready for bed (dressed, teeth brushed, put his own cat in bed) with zero complaints or help needed despite us not doing any computer time tonight.
  • Talked non-stop in a very excited way ALL NIGHT about us family peeps constantly trying to draw us into whatever he was doing.

Note to self: Pookie gets excited around people he likes. He bounces and flips and chatters at them. He smiles and makes eye contact. If they walk away, he follows and works himself in front of him to get them to notice him. He does it to the life guards his swim classes. He does it to the kids on his basketball team. He does it to BeAGoodMom and me and any Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle that he has. He doesn’t do it as much around kids normally but I remember seeing him do it to the kids in his class the couple times I’ve seen him around them.  He does it a ton with Geetle.

I don’t remember him doing it at all for any of his teachers when I was there a couple weeks ago. That would be extremely out of character for somebody that he spends that much time around. If he isn’t bouncing, flipping, chattering, he probably isn’t excited to see them. I’m going in to class for an hour tomorrow (they temporarily banned me for more than that but I can talk about that some other time). I need to remember to see specifically how excited he is to be around them.

Unrelated: I talked to the principal twice on the phone today about my one hour time limit tomorrow. He apologized that the snafu is a form that the nobody ever told me about that he wasn’t aware of. It seems to be some kind of form specific to the special Ed department, not something school specific. He listened to my concerns in a very calm, thoughtful way and acknowledged some of my frustrations and said he would look into others. He also said he would be at the big meeting on Monday which is not the kind of meeting he is normally at. I made a point of apologizing for not involving him earlier by saying we just didn’t know who to talk to for a district run program housed in his school. He understood. I told him that he would hear all of our concerns directly from us from now on. He mentioned that he is an advocate of all the students in his building no matter what grade or program we are in. Ray of hope?

The wife: During all of the school stress the last few weeks, BeAGoodMom has been studying for a work related, industry specific class she has been taking. The exam was today. I was really worried that the stress would be a bad distraction for her but she passed the test. Great job BeAGoodMom.

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