Scary Thought About Things That Work Out

by beagooddad on December 7, 2010

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We had our big domain meeting to state the goals and plans for everybody to get ready for the big 3 year IEP re-write. I think they are normally fairly short meetings. We were there 2 1/2 hours or so. We are getting a reputation for liking to hang around when we get the opportunity.

The principal even made a point of reminding everybody to make sure we get an extra big block for our IEP meeting so that the next parents don’t have to wait forever in the lobby.

During the meeting, we reiterated our concerns, etc., etc.

Toward the end I specifically asked how they were doing getting Pookie to start playing with the kids in the regular ed class on the playground like they said they were going to look into at the end of the parent/teacher conference the other night. They had done no such thoughts yet. I asked if they had looked into other opportunities for inclusion for Pookie. They had not.

But as part of our big 3 year IEP re-write they are going to be re-testing Pookie on a bunch of things that will help them determine how ready Pookie will be for inclusion and what areas might be best to start testing it out.

I asked when they would have those results. They said March.

I think it was the only time during the meeting that I actually glared as opposed to just being cold. There happened to be a few other conversations going on in the room at the time so I made sure to get a little louder and state that we can’t wait 4 more months to get the results back that will start to tell us where Pookie can start to be included. That would be a waste of over half of the rest of the year that we have left with no guarantee that anything was going to happen and was not acceptable.

The principal (who knew from my visit to the classroom on Friday that I was really going to be pushing inclusion) asked what exactly we were talking about. We filled him in. He pushed the teachers to tell him what opportunities they thought would be good things to look into. They mentioned a couple that were going to take a while to get started. He pushed again and even mentioned the specific regular ed teacher he wanted them to be working with.

They eventually decided that the regular ed class’s group reading time might work out okay. Maybe. If they could get….

The principal basically said great. That’s an area that he should be able to push through in about a week. He said they should plan on taking all of the 2nd graders in Pookie’s class (and only the 2nd graders because they could more quickly make it happen if they were all in the same grade) to the group reading and that he would help get it set up. In about a week.

There are so many things in that last paragraph that have me almost as scared as excited.

This will not only help Pookie but will help the other kids in the class, too.

This will not be something that the special ed staff will easily be able to procrastinate because as they said a couple times during the building when trying to procrastinate, this is his building.

This will be AWESOME for us to see how Pookie will do in an regular ed environment during a real classroom unit and start to put together plans to make him better at it.

This will be an AWESOME way for Pookie to start to meet the kids in that class.

So here’s the scary part. We have an pretty powerful advocate in the system actually pushing to make things happen above and beyond the call of duty…because of things that we

asked for. I am practically terrified because I actually have hope that some good things could start to happen without me needing to run around the school yelling at people.

Please stay awesome Mr. Principal.

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