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by beagooddad on June 26, 2011

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Pookie and I have been working on memorizing his basic addition. He normally does just fine, but slow, when doing that sort of thing on worksheets. He’s so memorizing capable that it seemed silly to me that he has not memorized the 0+0 to 10+10 basic addition yet so I’m making it my job this summer to get him to learn those (and hopefully the subtractions, too)

So, I made some little home made flashcards with 0+0 to 0+10 thru 2+0 to 0+10.

Right away he knew all of the 0+anything and the 1+anything.

He knew the 2+0 thru 2+2 right off the bat, too.

We’ve been working on it about daily for a couple weeks almost every day. We just go through the cards and each one he gets right, I put in a “passed” pile and the wrong ones go in another pile. Then we go through the wrong ones until they all end up in the passed pile. It takes us just a few minutes and he doesn’t mind working on it.

But in those couple weeks, he’s expanded to knowing 2+3 and 2+10 but that’s it.

He’s on a vacation week with his sisters with my parents for the week. They are going to keep working with those 2+anything cards. He’ll probably learn a couple more during the week. I do think he is getting very closed to getting these mastered so wouldn’t be surprised if he happens to learn all of them…or none of them.

I have a few things that I’m going to do when he gets back to see if we can trigger other things that work with him so I’m nowhere near getting frustrated. This was just my quick and easy attempt.

However, it blows my mind that a kid with us memory that he is having so much trouble with learning the math memorization stuff that he really needs to master ASAP to be able to keep up with the things that will be coming his way next year.

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