Snow Day – Making christmas decorations

by beagoodmom on December 9, 2006

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When “Goofy” ended, I was still sitting in the other room talking to Aunt Kel. I did not know it was over until I looked up and saw 2 little faces staring at me with a silent look of “now what?” So, back to the kitchen table we went to do a craft.

I found an old paper bag from Aldi’s, cut it open, folded it in half inside out, and cut out 2 stocking shapes. Then we used tempera paints and rubber stamps to stamp designs on the stockings. I have bought kid-safe ink pads before, but they always get dried out or turn black because the kids jump from one color to another. So, today we just spread a thin layer of paint on a paper plate and dipped our stamps in that. It worked fine.

I tried to steer the kids towards the holiday stamps, but most of Pookie’s designs were smiley faces and baby ducks. Most of Geetles were the letter “E” and apples. Once the paint dried, I used a hole puncher to make holes all the way around the stockings. Then we took gift wrap ribbon and a plastic canvas needle (dull) and sewed the fronts to the backs. We hung the stockings in the front windows.

This was another idea from one of my Mom’s books. When working with kids, especially when you are outnumbered, and especially when one has a short attention span, I find its best to follow the spirit of the directions only. I had read this project’s directions earlier in the week and had a good idea of how it was supposed to go. I did not bother to read the directions step by step as we went along. Pookie would not have stuck with me through that.

After we were done, the kids were still in the mood to paint. I drew very basic snowmen and Christmas trees on 12×18 inch white paper. The kids traced the shapes with their paint brushes and filled in some of the shapes. They each did two.

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