Jogging with the kids

by beagooddad on September 23, 2011

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I took Pookie for a jog around the block the other night while Geetle was away with a friend. The loop we took was about 3/4 mile and we took a bunch of walk breaks. He kept giggling and grabbing my shirt to pretend I was Marley and dragging him around.

When we got back, Ruby was sad that I didn’t take her so off we went for a little 1/4 to 1/3 mile loop. At one point along the way, she shot forward in a sprint, yelled “Rawr” and chased a squirrel up a tree. She informed me that she was a dinosaur.

A few days later, Giggles was going to go out for a game night with BeAGoodMom. It is one of her favorite times of the week. I was going to take both Pookie and Giggles for a little run again. BeAGoodMom wasn’t feeling good but was still planning on muscling through with the game night. Giggles told mom that it would be okay to stay home this week because she kind of wanted to go running.

So, I took Giggles for a quick little run. Giggles treed another squirrel, picked up some more leaves, stopped to pet a dog, and chatted the whole way.

Pookie, Geetle and I headed out on the longer route. Pookie laughed and sang and tried to drag me around the neighborhood. Geetle made sure she beat us to every corner and talked non-stop during the walk breaks. By the end of the run the sun was starting to set and the kids’ cheeks had turned nice and red.

BeAGoodMom sent me back out to finish a normal sized BeAGoodDad run by myself while she bathed them. I ended up doing about 3 miles total by the time I finished my own run.

One of my big goals recently has been to send the kids outside more. The weather is just so perfect all the time. Right now, my three and two friends are all five running around the backyard playing flashlight tag. I’ve been sending them outside while we make dinner which is nice for getting a few quiet minutes to talk to BeAGoodMom and get a few chores done before the kids’ bedtime.

Hopefully this will carry over into more winter snow play this year which is another thing that I’m always bummed that I don’t do more of when spring finally hits.

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