A quarter of the way to last year’s production already

by beagooddad on January 12, 2012

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There once was a time when I had myself scheduled to write three or four posts a day so it is pretty amusing to look back at last year and realize that I only wrote four posts all year. A little sad too because of all the changes that the kids have gone through in the last year that will forever be undocumented over here. Fortunately BeAGoodMom has been writing like a fiend the last year.

So, for now, I’ll just work on settling in with the little things.

Like Giggles being a hoser and having a 102.4 fever last night and making me stay at home because she couldn’t go to preschool only to end up with the fever breaking before she woke up and her running around like a giggly fool most of the day.

Or doing homework with Pookie tonight. Normally, getting him to do homework sucks quite a bit. Lots of complaining echolalia and lots of not paying attention and just trying to write any old thing on the paper. Tonight because of a couple normal Wednesday type of things, I didn’t get around to do the homework with him until after dinner. He was still sitting at the table after eating when we started. A lot of the transition to the homework area disgruntledness wasn’t there. He was a bit more focused for most of it (not all) and did a reasonably good job considering more than half of the homework was some math homework that is at a level he really struggles with. The funny thing is that we have talked about having him do his homework after dinner in the past and never started it up. He always eats all of his food and eats it pretty quickly. Then the girls…take….forever……..and…………ever. We’ve started letting him get up and go play they take so long. I think we might start trying to sneak his homework in right there after dinner as a regular thing from now on.

Or Geetle. The twins are both taking drum lessons. Geetle refuses to stop and also nearly always tries to refuse to practice. Why would you want to keep taking lessons for something that you aren’t interested in practicing. It isn’t like this is a class for school. Straight up hobby. Confusing kid. I told her that part of her allowance is tied up to her willingly practicing from now on. Before settling in tonight, she tried to get me to commit to exactly how much was tied up to her willingly practicing. I never committed so she figured that she better go ahead and do it tonight. I’m guessing that this battle isn’t over yet. I’m also predicting that there is a time in our near future where she will be sitting in the music studio waiting for her lesson (Pookie goes first) and when he is done, she will be shocked, she will cry, and she will yell because I make thempack up and head home without her lesson while I say something like “No lessons if you don’t practice.” I should just pre-write the post and future date it because I can probably almost guarantee the date. Three Mondays from now. February 6th. It would be January 30th, but I can’t do that the day before their birthday.

They are turning 9 in a couple weeks. That is just plain, flat out, impossibly, stupidly, ridiculously wrong. They are still two years old. I completely remember them transitioning from toddling and confidently walking around the house with their large diaper butts. Where did I leave those kids, anyway.

Or that I’m two classes from getting my degree. MAT 404 – Geometry. The class description says “A systematic study of the consequences of the parallel postulate in Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries.” Neat. Acute.

Or that BeAGoodMom stole my new favorite show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We have it DVRed and on frequent play after the kids go to bed. It has become our new King of Queens. Can an edgy comedy still be cool in a commercial insurance professional thanks it is funny? Can a raunchy comedy still be funny if it is loved by a soccer mom? After much internal soul searching, yes it can in this case.

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