Language Developments

by beagooddad on January 18, 2012

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So Pookie and I were sitting around after his drum lesson waiting for Geetle to finish her lesson. I took a break from my Geometry homework and decided to log my dinner in the most excellent LoseIt! app but ran into a problem.

I couldn’t remember everything we had.

So I asked Pookie, “What did we have for dinner?”

He ignored me at first so I asked, “What did we have for dinner? Pork chops. Sweet potatoes. And what else?”

He didn’t look up from the notebook and I was just getting ready to figure he didn’t understand or that he was ignoring me when he said, “Bread rolls.”

Which was correct. We had crescent rolls with our dinner.

There was a day a few years back where I couldn’t imagine getting that kind of an answer. Now we are at a stage where I’m slightly annoyed that he didn’t answer more quickly or that he didn’t call them crescent rolls.

I remember a post a wrote ages ago where he was playing with a ball and I asked him what he was doing and he answered “ball” and I was blown away.

Tonight was a question about something that happened earlier in the day. I asked it while he was busy doing something else completely unrelated to what the question was about. Constantly little glacial improvements that are adding up faster than we notice sometimes.

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