Trouble With Kids Growing Up

by beagooddad on January 20, 2012

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On Monday, I take the big kids to their drum lesson from 6:30 to 7:30 while BeAGoodMom goes to the gym. Afterward, she brings them home to put them to bed while I go to the gym. On Wednesday, Geetle frequently goes to church with her best friend and normally isn’t home until slightly after bedtime and ends up needing to go right to bed. On Friday, the kids have a play date at our house that breaks up at 8:30pm and our kids go straight to bed afterward.

Then it seems like we frequently have weird stuff pop up where we need to go look at new cars to decide which one we might maybe think of possibly buying sometime soon…or soonish for BeAGoodMom who is still driving the car we bought back in December 2002 before the twins were born.

But I digress.

It seems like there is never enough time for the bedtime routine and now that the kids are getting older I have noticed myself getting lazier about doing anything but pushing them through the bedtime tasks so they can get to bed and I can get back to homework or trying to stay awake on the couch before I actually go to bed.

Which means that I have been doing a poor job of reading bedtime stories to the kids and an even worse job of reading with Geetle. Some of my favorite time with the kids is reading to them at bedtime. They are always so calm and quiet and not complaining about vegetables or homework other atrocities we have forced upon them.

I’ve been working on it the last couple weeks and doing a fine job with Pookie and Giggles. They are like clockwork with their routines. Geetle is normally last in the tub, last in the bed, most likely to stop making progress because she needs to tell us about that one thing that one kid in class did to that one teacher before getting sent to the principals office and then that other girl threw that….she gets sidetracked easily and ends up using all our free reading time.

It is easy to force myself to read with Pookie at bedtime. It is part of his homework. We alternate pages and are reading lots of different books out loud. It is easy with Giggles because she is first in bed so I’m not feeling the call of my own homework or chores quite yet.

I am working on forcing myself to put in the extra ten minutes or so with Geetle. We are reading Peter and the Starcatchers which has the benefit of being funny, has plenty of action, and has a ton of short chapters. No matter how little time we have, it is easy for us to read 5 pages, sometime less, and get through another chapter.

The problem comes when we have no reading on Monday, none on Wednesday, none on Friday and frequently none on another day of the week. We lose the momentum and it can sometimes be a couple weeks until we get it back. I guess it is a good little snapshot of what life will be like as they get older and have even more interests outside the house and even more friends dragging them places.

When I happen to make it through a few days in a row and then miss a day, I always wonder how people get a streak going like in The Reading Promise. Guess I might have to add it to my library list for a little research.

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