Not an expert on autism

by beagooddad on January 24, 2012

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I am definitely not an expert on autism. I’m barely competent at dealing with the flavors of autism that manifest in Pookie. I have tried over the years to talk about things as we are going through them which frequently helps me when I look back through the archives. There is quite a lot of his development buried in those posts. There are quite of lot of examples about ways to push Pookie to advance and a lot of examples on laying off of him to give him the space he needs. So at least all of those posts have been useful to me.

I pretty much took off all of last year to try to make sure I had time to do my job, take my classes, and be a decent parent and husband. I still have a job with a minor promotion, I am closer to getting my degree, my kids still like me, and BeAGoodMom has kept me around so I must have had some kind of success.

As I’ve started writing again this year, I’ve noticed a lot of ideas pop into my head for post ideas. Some are big enough that I will never get around to preparing them, some of them fluff enough that I guarantee they will show up, and one that would make a very…well, some kind of book. Part memoir, part autism parenting, part silly maybe.

I have never really wanted to write a non-fiction book and am hesitant to write a “book about autism” because I don’t want to end up sounding like a crazy Jenny McCarthy pretend know it all. But I do like to write. I have a fair amount of structure of potential chapters (but not all of the details of what will be in those chapters). A surprisingly complete picture of what I could do with it. And a desire to try to publish an e-book on the Amazon Kindle.

Again, with class just starting up and some things that I am working on with my career, I’m not sure if I’ll have much free time to pursue it but it does seem to be nagging around in the back of my head in an interesting way.

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