Gifted Program Testing Breakdown

by beagooddad on February 7, 2012

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Geetle had one of the funniest powerful and genuine emotions the other day.

We had been procrastinating on telling her about the test she is going to need to take next week for potential placement in the gifted program. We were completely expecting her to be pissed for one or more of a few very real reasons:

1) Gifted program is probably in another school and she will have to make some new friends.
2) Bus ride to potential different school would take longer.

We are not sure if she knows about the program being in another school, though. So the main complaint we expected was:

3) OMG. That is going to mean that my 5 minutes of homework a night is going to stretch into 15 totally miserable minutes of thinking. After school even. When I should be playing!

So the other day we finally told her about the test and she nearly blew up. We tried to play dumb and very calmly ask her what her concerns were. After all, if she has a really valid one, we will at least listen to it and try to work with that concern to make it go as well as possible.

Next Saturday, she has swim class in the morning. Then the test. Then she (and Giggles and Pookie) is going out to spend the night with my parents (or my sis and BIL depending on how you classify it when they all live in the same house). How about we say say they are heading west for the night which is one of her favorite things to do.

She ended up nearly in tears when she finally told us what her real concern was.

And I quote: “It will ruin my whole weekend!”

Yep. My daughter doesn’t want to test for the gifted program that could help ensure a top notch college and a top notch career making the kind of money someone with her aspirations is going to need because the length of the test will ruin her whole weekend.

And just like that, I realized how much like me she really is.

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