Potty Training – It is all about the timing

by beagooddad on December 5, 2006

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Part of the kids’ bedtime routine is to try to go to the bathroom before getting in the tub.

With my new counting to 60 seconds potty training trick, Pookie loves sitting there. He is a counter and just loves to hear the numbers and help me when I forget the next number. It has been so successful that we had to up it to 100. His smile gets bigger and bigger as around 70 all the way up to 100.

Then we bathe, brush teeth and head into the bedroom.

Last night Pookie was squirmy. Not angry fidgety, not really excited fidgety. So, before brushing his teeth, I stood him in front of the potty. Nothing.

While brushing his teeth, he continued squirming and crossing his legs.

I stood him back in front of the potty. He stood there without any thought of moving and peed. Like a pro.

Then he started getting really excited and jumping up and down as if he was happy about what had just happened.

I think it is time to get a little bit more frequent with the scheduled trips to the potty.

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