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by beagooddad on October 18, 2012

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Geetle is playing basketball again this fall through the rec league which makes it her third season which is the longest she has committed to anything that doesn’t rhyme with Mintendo knee.

She is definitely starting to make some sense of parts of the game. She had a couple steals, a couple rebounds, and even took a couple shots. On one she got clobbered and shot free throws.

There was a play where she got a loose ball and started a fast break and didn’t even flinch when two guys on the other team tried to steal the ball, all three collided and went crashing to the floor. She popped right back up like it was no big deal.

One thing is good sure. They are all a lot quicker but none of them no how to really play defense so there are constant collisions and bodies crashing into the floor. The ref focuses primarily on keeping people out of the hospital.

Oh. And the head coach asked me to be an assistant at the first practice. Then his son broke two fingers before the second practice. Another dad and I are now co-coaching which is very fun and quite a bit like that old Super Bowl commercial with the cowboys herding cats.

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