How rivers change their path

by beagooddad on December 10, 2012

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The other day, we took the kids to the bookstore to pick up a shiny new book. The girls picked books out with no problem (other than maybe having too many options).

Pookie picked up a bunch but did not really seem to be into the whole process. I started encouraging him toward a few certain books figuring that I could use some of them for the nightly reading that we do for homework. I eventually had settled on a book of Greek myths that had some chapters around 8 pages which works well for the amount of reading we do at night and also some good pictures.

He kind of whatevered the suggestion so I whatevered him back and was ready to proceed to the register with our new Greek mythology book.

Then Pookie saw it.

The hardcover Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh. A big fat hardcover with one of those built in tassel bookmarks.

He used to have a copy that he carried around the house off and on (but non-stop when it was “on”) for a couple years. The spine and cover eventually fell apart and we had to throw it away.

He saw it on the shelf and immediately pulled it down and told me he wanted to buy the book. I hemmed and hawed and eventually told him that it was too expensive ($40!!!) and that we would get something else instead.

He thought about complaining as he put the book on the shelf. The he picked the book back up and I knew I was in trouble when he looked at me and said.

“I will pay with my allowance.”

Pookie frequently says things that just catch me off car with the complexity of thought being actually expressed verbally in just a handful of words. Let’s go over a few of them here:

1) He’s negotiating and offering a counter proposal. I work with people, and we frequently elect people, who can’t compromise this well.

2) He knows that money is a thing that he can use to buy another thing.

3) He knows that he gets money as a weekly allowance.

4) He knew that he happened to have some of that magic allowance money sitting in his bank at home.

5) He knew that Dad would be nearly speechless and have no chance of refusing such a well thought out argument.

That last bit is speculation but combined with the facts above and the fact that he happened to have just over $40 in his allowance bank earned Pookie a brand new copy of Winnie the Pooh.

I was talking to BAGM about this moment a little bit tonight and mentioned that this is just another of a rapidly increasing number of magic verbal moments that we are seeing on a regular basis. From the day many years ago now when I asked him what he was playing and he answered “Ball” which was one of the first times he had ever answered an out of the blue non-need based question to him correlating a want with the ability to purchase that want with his allowance money, we still constantly see change in little bits at a time that are taking him into really great new directions.

(Photo by: Bhanu Tadinada)

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