The things kids get attached to

by beagooddad on December 11, 2006

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Geetle has a funny habbit of getting attached to really weird things. Pretty much anything that needs to get thrown away becomes the most important thing in her world.

The toilet in our bathroom has a small leak problem that becomes a problem every few months. It started again late last night but we did not realize it until this morning. Fortunately, it really is a pretty small leak.

This morning, I decided I was done fixing the old toilet and went to Menards to buy a new one. By lunchtime the toilet was installed and the old one was out in the garage waiting for garbage day.

By early afternoon, Geetle had her saddest face and said, “I really miss the toilet. I don’t want it to go.”

At first it seemed like a strange thing to get attached to, but we realized that it is one of the toilets that she potty trained on. Maybe it is special to her.

But then again, she often gets upset when we throw away the toilet paper tubes once all the toilet paper is used.

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