Teaching kids – Beyond 100

by beagooddad on December 13, 2006

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Pookie can count to 100 without any help now.

He has such in interest in numbers and counting that we are trying to figure out what to work on next. I don’t really see much use in learning to count more than 100 right now and he seems pretty happy with stopping there for a while.

He can recognize the written numbers 0-20 for sure, but maybe we should start working on reading them up through 100.

He also can read all of the letters and recognizes his written name. We should probably start working on getting him to recognize some more written words. After all, reading letters and numbers is really pretty much the same skill. Stuff like cat and dog probably would not work, but I bet he would learn to read “milk”, “ball”, and “Muppet Babies.”

He did a really good job using the PECS system with us. Maybe we should make some similar cards, but instead of pictures, just have the words. He is so good at recognizing stuff like that. I bet he would pick it up pretty quickly.

Another thing we should probably work on with both of the kids is some basic pattern recognition. The kids made paper chains out of red and green paper the other day. Geetle refused to alternate colors. All the green went on one side of the chain and all the red on the other. That’s good sorting, but maybe we need to work on some more complex patterns.

I barely remember learning these types of fundamentals back in school, so I’m not really sure what kind of stuff comes next. Most of my in-laws and my sister are all teachers with several working in grade school. I’ll have to hit them up for advice.

Do any of you have any advice? Especially for an autistic preschooler who seems to have a pretty good grasp and interest in numbers and letters.

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