Winter Craft- Handy Christmas Tree

by beagoodmom on December 17, 2006

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Pookie really likes what he calls “Hand Art.” We have a book that shows dozens of things you can make by tracing your hand. His book inspired us to dig up the directions for a project I once saw at the park and rec center. This project works fine for 1 or 2 kids, but could easily be done with many more.

Trace the children’s hands on green construction paper and cut out. Repeat several times. The number of hands will determine the size of your tree. We used about 20. Glue a row of hands side to side, fingers pointing downward. Add another shorter row on top, overlapping the rows. These will look like branches as the fingers overlap. Continue with shorter rows until you reach the top of your tree. Draw in a trunk, cut out paper ornaments and a star and glue to the tree.

Pookie really likes to glue, so he enjoyed this project. Geetle likes helping me trace her hands. Our finished tree is about 18 inches tall by 10 inches wide.

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