Winter Craft – Giant Paper Ornaments

by beagoodmom on December 16, 2006

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Geetle caught me off guard the other day. She asked to do an art project, but I did not have anything in the hopper, so I had to improvise. We made giant paper ornaments.

Cut a large circle out a piece of construction paper, as big as you can make it.

Cut an upside down “crown” shape to glue on the top. This will be the ornament hanger.

On the body of your ornament, you could do many things. You could use glitter, markers, or stickers to decorate it. We had the Sunday Paper handy, so we decided to cut pictures from the Toys R Us ad and glue them on the ornament. I thought I had some pipe cleaners that would make nice hooks for our ornaments, but I could not find them! So, we used a bit of “star garland” and hung the ornaments from our stair railing.

Pookie did not enjoy this one. I thought that was odd, since he loves to glue. But, I think he just wanted to play his own games. He left the table and started hauling truckloads of doll house furniture all around the library.

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