Unique Christmas Card Idea

by beagoodmom on December 15, 2006

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I am in charge of Christmas cards. I like sending them out, but I cannot bear the thought of someone just throwing it away after the holiday. Christmas cards are expensive and if I send you one, you had better get some use out of it or I will lay awake at night fretting about the cost of postage vs. the value of kindness and good cheer.

That’s a lot of pressure on you, I know. And what real use is a Christmas card anyway, you say?

WELL! Our Christmas cards are actually bookmarks. Every year I use Print Shop to make our greeting.

I use pictures of the kids, some clip art and a holiday message for the front. On the back, I put a few interesting tidbits about our family’s adventures in the past year, kind of like a holiday letter, but much shorter and always happy stuff.

I usually print them all on our home computer, but this year I had a coupon for $.39 color copies at the UPS Store, so I did that instead. Then, at home, I assembled the fronts and backs and ran each through our laminating machine. I realize that not everyone has a laminating machine. We do because we laminate a lot of Pookie’s PECS cards. OfficeMax will laminate for a few dollars a sheet, or you can just glue the fronts and backs to a piece of cardstock. Then I punch a hole in the top and add a ribbon.

TaDa! Bookmark. TaDa! Unique Christmas card that no one will just throw away on 12/26.

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