Friday Photo Album

by beagooddad on August 11, 2006

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My kids were born on a Friday. We took several pictures. I took a week off before heading back to work. That Friday we took film in to get developed which included some pictures from early that day. Friday Photo Album was born.

Every Friday, Beagoodmom took a picture of just Geetle and Pookie. Everytime we developed the film, I would add them to my desk photo album at work.

It was easy until they started moving on their own. We have pictures of them in the tub. Pictures in the laundry basket. Pictures at the table. Sometimes they have on funny clothes. Sometimes they are screaming their fool heads off.

And the Friday Photo Album grew. I remember trying to stage them in the leaves by the lake their first fall and struggling to get the picture taken before they started eating the leaves.

Right around when they turned one, we had to get another photo album. The first one held 50, but we monkeyed with it to hold all 52 for the first year.

Eventually Beagoodmom moved to digital. This was particularly helpful as the kids got more mobile. She could take pictures of them separately and them make a little 4X6 collage with a picture of each of them and some funny phrases.

Coworkers would wander over and when they wanted to talk about the kids, I could point them to the pictures.

Two situations led to the downfall of the system. I became a consultant and visit different offices regularly. I don’t really have a desk anymore. With no place to formally put the photos, it became harder to remember to keep track of them. The other problem was actually caused by switching to digital. With the old camera, we would take a few pictures and throw my favorite one in the photo album. With digital, she had to go through downloading, removing red eye, making the collage and with the normal busyness of life, it always seemed to fall further into the background.

We still take tons of pictures of the kids, but the Friday Photo Album died sometime late last summer. 2 1/2 years and 3 photo albums.

In addition to pacifying the coworkers, it is very nice to be able to flip through a couple years of your kids’ lives and watch them develop a week at a time. It is also a great way to bridge between a parent that gets to work part-time or less and a parent that works full-time. I always felt connected getting the pictures every week or so.

After talking with Beagoodmom last night, I’m craving the tradition again and thinking about starting it up again. There might be a couple gaps, but I should be able to backfill most of the photos from all the ones we have on the computer.

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