Poll Results – Favorite Family Fun Activity

by beagooddad on December 16, 2006

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Okay, the poll has been running over in the sidebar for entirely too long. I just checked again today and noticed that the four way tie for first place has finally been broken, so I’m retiring this poll.

Here’s the results:

  1. Watching movies – 5
  2. Playing at playground – 4
  3. Reading books – 4
  4. Going out to eat – 4
  5. Shopping – 3
  6. Other – 2
  7. Playing with toys – 1
  8. Playing sports – 1
  9. Cooking – 1
  10. Playing in the yard – 1

The poll has been up there so long, I don’t remember what I picked. I’m pretty sure it was reading books. I love that part of our bedtime routine and I love when the kids come up and make me read to them at random parts of the day.

But, watching movies wins today. I enjoy going to the theater and watching the kids get excited over the popcorn, but Pookie gets bored and squirmy (or falls asleep) as soon as the popcorn is gone. Movies, in fact, are what I usually do when I go out for the night without the family.

I’m going to take down the poll for a little while because the version of the plugin that I am using has a known security issue. I’ll put up a new poll when I upgrade the plugin.

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