Autism and Christmas break

by beagooddad on December 19, 2006

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Today was supposed to be Pookie’s last day of school before Christmas break but he came home early yesterday with a cold and is staying home today. Geetle gets to go tomorrow before her break starts.

Tomorrow we get to start one of the stupidest aspects of being parents of an autistic kid. We have been talking to his teacher about getting him into a summer school program. She has flat out told us that the program offered by the public school district (which is where Pookie goes to school) is not going to be very beneficial to him because the teacher will not necessarily be qualified to help special needs kids.

So, over Christmas break, we get to look for and document any regressions that Pookie goes through while away from the specialized attention he gets at school. We can then use that information to get the state to pay for a more appropriate private school option over the summer if the teacher picked for his public school class is not qualified to work with him.

It is very frustrating to be told that your autistic preschool son who is responding very well to the special needs classroom he is currently in may not be able to get the attention that he needs over the summer unless he shows a regression.

If we did not know that before Christmas break, the first real chance for that regression would have been over the summer break. 3 months of missed opportunity.

I would have figured that the goal should be to provide that attention over the summer to guarantee that there is not a regression in the hopes of eventually having him ready to enter a normal classroom. After all, we are a big “No Child Left Behind” state and Geetle has to go to private school because she does not have enough of the trouble indicators to get into public preschool.

We will document whatever happens over this Christmas break with the care and attention that only a parent could have.


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