Things you learn during a three hour potty training session

by beagooddad on December 23, 2006

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Pookie needed to pee at 11:15 this morning. He had not gone since at least 8am. We took him into the bathroom after our early lunch and he did not go. So, we let him wander around without pants/underwear for a couple minutes. He started giving signs that he needed to pee and the battle began.

At about 11:30 I took Pookie into the bathroom. At 2:15, he peed and we all celebrated. We did not leave the bathroom during that time. Here are some of the things that happened in between.

I was reading a book called Paddington’s Colors. Most of the book is one word on each page. The word is a color and then most of the page is that color. He has been able to “read” this book forever, but today it really seemed like he was READING the words. I happened to have note cards nearby. I wrote the words red, black, grey, green, orange and a few other colors and showed him the cards one at a time. He read them without even hesitating with the exception of green and orange. He mixed those up once in a while.

I would like to point out that all I did was hold the cards up. There was no prompting at all.

Then I wrote, mom, dad, Geetle’s name, Pookie’s name, milk, dog, cat on the backs of the cards and held them up one at a time without saying anything. He mixed up dad and dog a couple times but read the rest effortlessly. This is particularly amazing because we hadn’t even been talking about any of these words.

I would even say it was groovy. One of the things that I am convinced of is that there is a good chance that he will start communicating better as he learns to read. He is so visual, that I think reading is going to help him make those connections to help him with speaking. Now that I know he gets the connection of letters making words, we are definitely going to work on reading a lot more. He loves books so much, that this will be something he loves learning.

Also, at one point when he was trying to talk me into letting him up early, he started counting. Because of the game we play on the potty, he figured if he could get to 100, he would be done with the potty training session. He skipped the 40s, but correctly did the rest with me not helping him at all. He was pretty upset when I did not let him up at 100.

Whenever Pookie gets mad over the last few days, he starts saying over and over “I want to go to grandma’s.” Cute. I started getting annoyed hearing this phrase during our three hours on the potty, so I started saying, “I want you to go potty” at exactly the same time that he would say “I want to go to grandma’s.” Through all of this, I learned that I can be as big of a child as Pookie. Maybe not my proudest moment.

When Pookie pees in the potty we have been giving him an M&M and then a few more when he talks to us about what happened. During the potty session, I asked Pookie what he gets when he goes potty. He instantly said, “M&Ms.” Gettle kept coming around asking if Pookie had peed yet because she also gets M&Ms during the celebration.

I’m not ready to take this kind of a stand with Pookie every day yet, but, I also learned that it is nice to go through the power struggle and win. As soon as he got off the potty, I held up my hand, he high fived me and started jumping up and down with excitement.

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