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by beagooddad on December 27, 2006

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I have spent a little time reviewing the things I do in my free time and decided that I needed to make a couple changes. I had two projects in particular that were taking a lot of time and effort for the amount of enjoyment that I was getting out of them.

So, I decided that they needed to go.

First, the Carnival of Family Life will be taken over by Local Girl at An Island Life. I like to think I only had the Carnival on loan anyway. I always wanted to try to start a Carnival so when the opportunity to run the Carnival of Family Life presented itself, I jumped…and found out that I don’t like being in charge. Starting now, Local Girl is back in charge. I will still be hosting this week so get your entries in now or at least before Saturday night for the New Year’s Day edition.

Second, I have been writing a blog called Career and Kids for b5media. It was another opportunity that fell into my lap right when I was thinking about pursuing it. The topic is close enough to what I write about here that I always felt like I was splitting posts between the two. I enjoyed getting to see the inner workings of a blog network like that, but in the end decided that I am happier working on my own projects for now.

The b5media blog started feeling like work. It had a guaranteed paycheck, and a contract complete with a minimum number of posts per month. None of the requirements were outrageous and I almost always post way more than the requirements on any of my other blogs, but when there are requirements, it feels like work. So, I let it go. I will make one more post before the end of the year over there announcing my departure and that will be that.

If anybody is interested in joining a blog network, I would recommend considering b5media. The people are great and know quite a bit about how to improve a blog. Now that the big venture capital funding is starting to settle down, I expect them to do great things. If you want a contact for the Family & Relationship channel, let me know and I’ll get you in touch with them.

Now, with just a few days left in the year, I find myself feeling like I am starting anew. Strange. I thought that wasn’t supposed to happen until next Monday.

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