Guiding Children

by beagooddad on April 2, 2007

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One of the best ways to help small kids make their own choices is to help them sort through the huge amount of options that exist by only presenting them with a small set of options. Small kids can easily be overwhelmed trying to pick one shirt out of the thirty they own. If this happens, pick out three and let them choose from that group.Sometimes they won’t like the three you picked out, but will suggest something else. But, then they made their own choice anyway which is good.  When kids are allowed to make their own choices, it is amazing the independence that arises.

The other night, I grabbed a video that both kids like. I needed to make an important phone call and wanted them to stay relatively quiet and in one room. Pookie rushed over and grabbed the video from my hand. He held it up to his face, put it back on the shelf, searched the contents of the shelf, and handed me the video he wanted to watch. It happened to be the Thomas Movie. I never even knew he had started liking the Thomas videos and they both happily watched the entire show.

Hopefully the Thomas phase will pass quickly.

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