A Conversation with Geetle

by beagoodmom on January 18, 2007

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Q. What did you do in school today.

A. Played. Played with Matt.

Q. What was your job today?

A. I got 2 jobs. Story helper and I got the weather.

Q. What was the weather today?

A. Cloudy and Windy

Q. What did you have for snack at school?

A. We had fruit. Well, I just don’t know.

Q. Don’t know what?

A. This used to be our baby chair (referring to the rocking chair she is sitting in)

Q. What’s for dinner tonight?

A. Pizza.

Q. What kind of pizza?

A. Regular.

Q. What makes a pizza regular?

A. Pepperoni.

Q. Why is pepperoni your favorite?

A. Just because I like it.

Q. Am I asking too many questions?

A. Yeah.

Q. Should I stop.

A. Yes.

Q. Right now?

A. (Pause) I am trying to do my email. (poking around on Beagooddad’s old computer)

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