Avent Bottles

by beagooddad on August 14, 2006

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We settled on Avent bottles pretty early on. After a couple weeks of trying to sort all of the various bottles that we received at the baby showers, we decided that we had to pick just one kind. Avent won.

We liked their short, squat shape. The kids seemed to have no trouble drinking from them. And we probably started with more of them which made it easier to put a whole set together.

The bottles hold up well in the dishwasher and fit well in a stroller’s cupholder. A lot of the tall skinny bottles would fall over in a cupholder.

The biggest reason we chose Avent is for their sippy cups with handles. The handles, sippy lids, and lids that hold nipples are all interchangeable. We bought the Avent 9 oz Magic Trainer cups early on and never looked back. Our twins learned to hold onto the handles at a very young age which made feeding both at the same time much more convenient.

I read some of the Amazon reviews and was shocked to hear people complaining about leaking. We had that happen very rarely and every single time it was because we had overtightened the lid. Go easy on the lid, and everything is great.

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