I do not know what to play with next

by beagoodmom on January 21, 2007

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We often hear Geetle say, “I do not know what to play with next.” She is good at independent play, but sometimes just can’t get started. She needs us to give her suggestions on what to play with. Then she trots off happily.

Pookie, on the other hand, sometimes treats us like we are the children. He never needs our advice on what to play with and sometimes offers us toys when we look bored.

They are quite different in that regard. I think its just 2 different personalities, and has nothing to do with ASD. Pookie likes to play with us and make up his own games. He is all about the game itself. Geetle is more into playing with the person and does not care which game you play. That means when she plays alone, she has a bit harder time getting started, but once she does, she is fine.

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