The cost of the War in Iraq

by beagooddad on January 24, 2007

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I’ll preface this by saying that I hate all politicians and politics in general.  It is a safe assumption that has always worked well for me in the past.

I was stumbling around the internet earlier today and found this neat little War in Iraq Cost Calculator complete with a few options of seeing how much of other things that money could buy.

As of this moment, the cost of the war is said to be nearly $361 billion.  I’m not sure if that includes only this most recent few years or if it goes back to when it all started way back in 1990.  That stat that is most relevant to me is the one I linked to just a minute ago.  It shows that the $361 billion could have been used to buy nearly 48 million children to attend one year of Head Start.

Our son was able to get into a head start program because of his autism.  Geetle has an “at risk” factor since her twin brother has autism.  Right now, only kids with three at risk factors are eligible to get into the government funded program.  So, we send her to private preschool since she really wanted to go to school like Pookie.

You may have stumbled upon this article looking for something about taxes or the War in Iraq and not have any kids of your own.  You may be saying, “You decided to have kids, you deal with paying for your kids education.”

Fine, let’s see what else that $361 billion could have bought.  Let’s try something more entertaining.  How about 80GB iPods?  The neat ones that play video and music. has them selling for $349.99 right now.  Let’s do a little rounding and say that $361 billion would pay for 1 billion iPods.  The current U.S.A. population is just over 300 million.

It looks like instead of fighting the war in Iraq we could have sent about 48 million kids to one year of head start pre-school or bought every person in the United States 80GB video iPods, 3 or them.

By the way, I remember as a teen thinking that the 8 year Iran – Iraq war was absolutely insane.  Who would want to fight for that long?  But, now that I do the math, I realize that we have been dorking around in Iraq for 16+ years which, just for the record, is how long the Vietnam War lasted.

To any politicians that are hoping that I will vote for you in the next election, I’ll take what’s behind either door number 2 or door number 3.  I think it is time to find a way to shut door number 1.

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