Hamster escape artist

by beagooddad on January 29, 2007

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Winnie escaped from her cage again.  This time she broke out with the lid attached.  She must have figured out that she is strong enough to stand on the water bottle and lift the lid.

The last time she escaped was the night before our vacation.  I set a hamster trap before we left, and it magically worked while we were gone.  The trap involved setting her cage on the ground with the lid angling from the ground to the top of the cage as a nice ramp.  I filled the food bowl to tempt her nostrils, covered the half of the cage with the water bottle and then we left.  When we got home she had put herself back in the cage.

This time she escaped the night before the birthday party.  We had to warn everybody not to be afraid if they saw a rodent scurrying around while we opened the Cars pinata in the basement.  Winnie never did show, though.

About 9:45pm last night BeAGoodMom called me upstairs to the kitchen.  I was down in the basement seeing if Winnie put herself back in the cage like last time.  I walked into the kitched and Winnie was staring at me.  Then she dashed back under the stove.  A carrot was enough to lure her out.  When I left for work today, she was still in the cage.

The way we figure, Winnie must have spent the day under the oven.  She’s lucky that she didn’t get baked while BeAGoodMom cooked the party vittles.  She also hid in the heaviest traffic portion of the house for the birthday party.

I have a new found respect for our little escape artist.

Yes, I did mention a birthday party.  More on that when I get a chance to sort through the photos tonight.  I promise.

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