The Power of Yes

by beagoodmom on January 30, 2007

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I have been working on saying “yes” to the kids more. Kids ask for some ridiculous things, but so far its been going allright. I want them to have a great childhood, not be afraid to ask for something or bring up an idea. I don’t want to be too busy to say “yes.” Alot of the things they ask me for are no big deal, but sometimes they come at an inconvenient time. And sometimes they *are* alot of work. But saying “yes” makes me feel good, I am proud of the effort I have made. In the past few weeks, I have answered yes to the following questions:

Can we go outside and make snow angels? – by Geetle

Go play on Playground? – by Pookie

Can I have a straw? – by Pookie and Geetle, every meal, every snack, for weeks.

Can I take a baby with me?- by Geetle

I need pompoms – by Pookie while working on an art project (sometimes he struggles with the question format)

Can I cut it myself?- by Geetle

Can we pretend I am Diego and I will rescue you from the tree with this rope?- by Geetle

Mama push in swing?- by Pookie

Can you paint my toenails?- by Geetle

Can I have my own grocery list?- by Geetle

Mama sit? – by Pookie when he just wants me to sit next to him on the couch for no reason.

What I learned in this experiment is that there are a lot of reasons to say “no”. I just got home from work, I just cleaned the kitchen floor, Its almost bedtime, it would make too big of a mess, etc. But there are a lot more reasons to say “yes”.

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