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by beagooddad on February 2, 2007

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I tried to submit the birthday post late last night and the blog editor hung and crashed.  I might have to give up the blog editor and go back to writing all the posts directly in WordPress to save my mental health.

Now that vacation has been over a while and our daily schedules are slowly getting back into order, I’m trying to get better about reading other blogs again.  Here are some of the things I found recently that I enjoyed.

Elizabeth over at Career and Kids has a post about whether or not you should take your kid out of school for vacations.  I started commenting and realized that I should just write a post reply instead.  Soon.  By the way, if you haven’t read Career and Kids since I quit writing there at the beginning of the year, stop by and check it out.  I think Elizabeth is doing a much better job than I did with it.

Dad Gone Mad has a funny post about how one of his kids helped stop his sister’s tantrum.  It’s touching.  It has a moral…just go read it because it’s funny.

Kristing at Autism Vox has a post that will make you think.  There is so much talk about finding a cure for autism and pointing fingers of blame a various potential causes of autism.  But what about the kids (and adults) that are already here and already have autism.  We need to make sure we don’t forget about them and that we provide them with the right kind of education.

Michelle at Demented Delusions has been going through IVF and writing about it on her blog.  Want to know how frustrating IVF can be?  There is good news for Michelle.  The magic pee sticks gave her good news right when she least expected it.  Congratulations, Michelle.

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