Why search engines are empowering

by beagooddad on February 6, 2007

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We’ve all heard the phrase “there are no dumb questions” and we all know that in reality there are some questions that you hear that make you question that. That’s where search engines come to the rescue. You can ask them anything and they will not make fun of you. They might release all of your search history to the public someday but they will not make fun of you.

I was going through some of my website logs and noticed somebody find my site by searching by googling “how many babies is quintuplets.”

At first I thought mayber there really are some stupid questions. Then I realized that the question probably came from some parents who just had their first ultrasound and heard they were having quintuplets. They probably rushed home hoping to find out that quintuplets means 3 babies and 2 parents.

Well, if you happened to be the person who was searching for the answer, let me assure you that quintuplets really does mean that you will soon be the proud parent of 5 bouncing bundles of energy and high decibel goofiness.

Teach them how to run a pick and role when they are little and watch your family fill all 5 spots on the starting lineup of the high school basketball team in a few years. After all, that is much easier to deal with then having 5 kids all the same age where one is performing in a play while the other has a band concert while the other has basketball practice while the other has mathletes practice all while the other has detention for smoking in the boys’ room at school again.

The key to quintuplets would have to be minimizing scheduling conflicts by encouraging them all to have the same interests? Right? How else do you make it through quintuplets?

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