Just Sound It Out

by beagoodmom on February 9, 2007

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We have a CD of Disney Songs and recently listened to “Hakuna Matata” from the Lion King. Geetle wants to be able to sing this song, but has trouble with the words. Here is a transcript of a conversation we had at dinner last night.

Geetle: Hapuna Mataco!
Beagoodmom: Its Hakuna Matata.
G: Haloka Mopopa!
B: Do you know what that word means in the song?
G: It means “eat some bugs!”
B: No, it means “no worries.” Hakuna Matata.
G: Kaluta Mataco.
B: Repeat after me, Ha
G: Ha
B: Koo
G: Koo
B: Na
G: Na
B: Ma
G: Ma
B: Ta
G: Ta
B: Ta
G: Ta.
B: Hakuna Matata
G: Laluka Mapataka
B: Harumph!
G: Harumph!

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